Are car flags legal in UK?

Are  car flags legal in UK?

If you’re planning to show  your support for your country  during the world cups, you would not want to fall foul of the law.

There are regulations on what  flags you can fly in UK , from the tall flag poles down to the windows of our cars.

These rules have changed by the Government recently.

And the new rules are good news for football fans – as all national flags are now free to be flown, according to Birminghan reports .

So what’s the new revised  law now?

Flags which do not need consent from the Gov.

The new changes now allow a wider range of national,  community and international flags.

The list of flags that do not require consent are:

(a) Any civil ensign or civil air ensign or international flag,

(b) The Commonwealth, the European Union, the United Nations or any other international organisation of with UK  membership,

(c) Any island, county, district, borough, burgh, parish, city, town or village within the UK.

(d) The flag of the Black Country, East Anglia, Wessex, any Part of Lincolnshire, any Riding of Yorkshire or any historic county within the United Kingdom;


(e) Saint David flag

(f)  Saint Patrick flag

(g) Any administrative area within any country outside the United Kingdom;

(h) Any flag of Her Majesty’s forces;

(i) Armed Forces Day flag.

The flags of St George and St Andrew are recognised as the national flags of England and Scotland, but the flags of St David and St Patrick are listed separately as they do not necessarily fall into the category of a country’s national flag.

Why the changes were made?

The changes were made for common sense.

After a number of cases in 2010, during the World Cup in South Africa, there where councils asked for flags to be taken down on health and safety grounds.

Before the changes, it was illegal to fly a national flag without permission from a local council – unless flown from a vertical flagpole.

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