Custom made feather flags

Custom made feather flags are the best type of advertising flags available in the market.

There are more visible compared to rectangular flags.

But there are few details to consider to get the best impact from your custom feather flag.

When it comes to feather flags, less is always better when designing your custom feather flag.  Most of our clients want to add every little detail, image or text on their flag.  This is not the best way to get the most impact and visibility from your feather flags.  All outdoor flags should be simple and must display the bare minimum.  Why?  When someone is driving by your location, they don’t have time and patience to read a paragraph of text.  A large text with a picture of one of your products is best. Few elements to consider are font size, color and sign placement.   All of these features will increase the impact of your custom feather flag.


Text Size – The general rule of thumb is, the larger the text the better it reads from distance.

Standard feather flag’s width varies from 2 to 2.5 feet, which allows for very large text. You can clearly use at least 16″ high letters that will increase the visibility of your sign to 350 to 450 feet.


Flag Colors – The color of your custom flag will determine the color of the font.  You have to choose a contrasting design or colors which helps your flag and font pop.  Bright colors work the best.  Most of custom flags are yellows, blues, and reds.  Because these colors stand out from a distance.


Font Type –Never use script fonts for custom feather flags because they are not readable from top to bottom.   Also, it is very hard to read when driving by at 30 or 40+ MPH.  The drivers will only have a second or less to take a look at your feather flag and make it count with large readable text and image(s). I recommend Arial Black, Futura Bold, Myraid Bold, or similar bold fonts  that are super easy to read.


Sign Placement – Display your custom feather flags in open areas, far away from power lines, buildings and fences.  The custom feather flag should not be in contact with anything when flying. Otherwise it will fray the material and will deteriorate the custom flags sooner. Display your flags on sidewalk’s grass where anyone walking or driving by sees your custom flags.  Maximizing your custom flag visibility will directly create more traffic and more sales.


Majority of these features are simple and easy to understand.   In short, less is more when it comes to custom designed feather flags.  Keep your custom feather flag as minimalistic as possible. We wish you more sales.


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