How to set up a feather flag

Feather  flags  come with their own poles and bases. There are variety of poles and bases.

Mostly they are made from aluminum tubes  with fiberglass flexible tip. But there are also all fiberglass poles made for feather flags.

Depending on the feather flag size, the telescoping pole is made from 3 or 4 different pieces from large to smaller diameter tubes.

Some pole manufacturers use metal flexible tip but the majority of the manufacturers use fiber glass tips.

About the bases, there are 3 main types depending on the ground where the flags will be displayed.

For grass or sand, the only option is the spike base. You need to drive the spike to grass or sand with a hammer to securely fix the pole on to the ground.

For  concrete,  we can use water ballasted  plastic bases or fixed steel bases that are permanently fixed on the ground. Water  ballasted bases are very economical and can be moved in store after business hours.







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