How to use custom flags for your fundraising campaign

How to use custom flags for your fundraising  campaign.


There  are 3 steps to create a flag for fundraising campaign.


Step 1: Call any custom flag maker to discuss the details of your project.
The flag maker will send you all the information to have a successful fundraising campaign and guide you through the process.

Step 2: Get Creative and design your custom campaign flag.
Any flag maker with graphic design shop will create your custom fundraising flag and get your confirmation of the final proof before they print your flags.

Step 3: Start selling your fundraising flags.
There are actually 2 ways of selling your fundraising custom flags. If you choose option 1, after your design is created and your flags are printed, you will start selling your flags and collect payments and your profit will be the result of your campaign.

If you choose the 2nd. option,  your flag maker will create an new product in their online shop. You will forward the new product link, which is your custom campaign flag, to all your supporters. They will buy your custom flags through the flag makers website. You will get a commission for each flag sold to your supporters.

In order to increase the sales, you will tell your fundraising story in details at the product page.

The second option is far easier way for fundraising because the shipping of each flag will be handled by the flag maker.

You will collect all your raised funds at once from the flag maker. But you will sign an agreement with the flag maker about the commission rate you will get for each flag sold.

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