Properly storing your flags

Properly handling the flag is just more than hoisting it high and proud. There is protocol for how to store the American flag between holidays.

 Keep Dust and Dirt Off Your Flag.
If your flag is dirty, avoid dry-cleaning your flag. Before you put a flag into storage, clean it with a low vacuum and covering it with acid-free paper that you can get from the art supply stores.

 Keep Your Flag in Dark.
Always store your flag in a dark place. Sunlight and ambient light can fade the colors.

Store Your Flag Flat.
There’s a military tradition of folding American flags in the shape of a triangle, but that’s not the correct wat of storing flags. That is just a military tradition,not  the scientific way of storing flags for long durations.

Prolonged storing  in a folded position leads to permanent creases in flags.

If you can not store it on a flat table, carefully roll the flag around a mailing tube or plastic tube.

Avoid extreme changes in Temperature and Humidity.
Keep your flags out of attics with extreme summer temperatures, or basements, where mold may occur.

Put your flag in a self-storage unit with air conditioning and humidity control.

The temperature range should be for living conditions. Regardless of the materials, flags last longer at 55 percent to 75 percent relative humidity.

Respect the Flag
Handing your flag needs proper etiquette.You always should show respect for a your national flag, even when it is in storage. The flag never should be used as a drapery or as a decoration.

  • The national flags should not have any drawing, mark, word, number, figure or insignia,.
  • The  national flags should not touch the ground.

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