What doYou Need to display your custom Flag

What doYou Need to display your custom Flag

There are few different ways to display your custom flag in front of your house. As you review your options, think about  how often you want to hoist your custom flag. Will you hoist it and forget about it until it rains? Will you light it up at night or take it down each night? But who has time for this hardwork  anymore?

After  you go through your options below, it will be much easier to pick the right type of flag pole for hanging your  flag outside your house.

  1. A flagpole in your front yard – it will take some extra work to dig and fill the hole with concrete. Make sure you’ve got lots of space all around the pole to interfere with the flying of your custom flag. Make sure there are no power lines or telephone lines nearby.
  2. A bracket attached to your house– pole bracket is a great solution for flying your  flag in front of your home. You can attach the bracket by screws to the front wall of your home, a porch post, a window sill or a balcony.
  3. Hanging your custom flag flag against your house– this application is less common because it requires a lot more hardware than a bracket. You will need to secure the flags from 4 corners. But it looks beautiful though, when a flag is displayed  hanging down from a porch or balcony.


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