What is a table banner

What is a table banner?


Table banners are used in the front of tables.


For trade show booths to promote your products or services, displaying a large banner printed with your logo and message in front of your table will increase the visibility of your booth and promotion.Many are confused about the size of banner to choose for their table since banners come in so many different sizes and materials. The best quality material for table banners is satin.

Satin fabric is very smooth and prints look superb on satin fabric. There are other materials like knitted polyester or cottom but satin fabric should be the only choice when promoting your brand name.

There are 2 different type of table banners.

First one is just a banner that it attached to the table cloth as a skirt. It reaches all the way to the grount level to maximize the banner size.

The 2nd type is perfect fit type of banner for your table.

It is actually manufactured for your table and it fits onto your table like a table cloth.

Naturally custom made perfect fit table banners are more costly compared to the simple skirt type.



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