What is Flag Retirement Service And Ceremony

What is Flag Retirement Service And Ceremony

How to conduct a patriotic flag burning ceremony.

Ceremony of Final Tribute:

  1. Only one flag should be used in the flag retirement service, which is representative of all the flags to be burned in the service. The rest of the flags collected should be incinerated. The ceremony should be conducted outdoors, preferably in conjunction with a campfire.
  2. The flag which has been flying all day is retired just before sunset, in the normal ceremonial procedure. Then the flag retirement ceremony starts with this statement.

“This flag has served its country well and long enough. It has worn to a condition in which it is no longer fit  to represent the country.”

“This flag represents all of the other flags collected and being retired from service nation wide today. The honor we show this evening for this one flag are also for all of the other retired flags, even those not physically here.”

“Ceremonial Burning”

Fire Preparation:

It is important that the fire is preferably burnt down to a bed of red hot coals to avoid bits of the flag flying off by a roaring fire — yet has to be of sufficient intensity to ensure complete burning.

Flag Preparation:

The flag is opened up  from tri-corner fold and then refold in a coffin-shaped rectangle.

When  ready in rectangular shape:

  1. All that attend the ceremony assemble around the fire. The color guard comes forward and places the flag on the fire.
  2. All briskly salute.
  3. The leader and the color guard remain until the flag is completely consumed.
  4. The fire should then be safely extinguished and the ashes buried after the ceremony.


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