Which type of fabric is best for flags

Which type of  fabric is best for flags?

There are many factors in your mind before purchasing a flag and the flag material is usually not one of them. But the flag material is as important as what is printed on the flag. So you should not purchase the wrong flag for the wrong purpose.

We offer different flag materials for different purposes.All variety of flag materials we use are usually made from polyester and blends of polyester. Polyester is the most durable flag material in the world to date and that is the only reason why we use polyester based fabrics. There are other materials widely used in the flag production like Nylon and Cotton. As with anything, there are pros and cons to each flag material. Before you make your  decision, you can ask yourself, “Where will I be displaying my flag?”

We will look into each material with pros and cons to compare.

Nylon Fabric Pros:

Nylon is the most popular flag material due to its low cost. Nylon flags are shiny, very thin, and come with bright colors. Nylon is a lightweight material and these flags are able to fly in  light breeze. These are suitable for outdoor and indoor display but are a generally more budget friendly than other flag materials with slight compromise from durability.

Nylon Fabric Cons:

Nylon does not last as long as other flag materials like polyester. Nylon flags are meant to be flown in light to medium winds, so you need to be careful of the environment you display your flag. Nylon is not the most durable fabric type and should not be flown for long durations under heavy winds. They will prematurally deteriorate.

Polyester Fabric Pros:

Polyester is the most durable flag material available for outdoor use because of its excellent outdoor durability. Polyester possesses superior wind resistance during extreme weather conditions. Both nylon and polyester dry quickly but polyester has a better water wicking ability. Polyester’s color fastness is also far better compared to nylon.

Polyester Fabric Cons:

Polyester flags display good color definition but their surface can appear more dull or pastel and it feels rougher to the touch compared to nylon flags. Since polyester is a bit heavier material than nylon, the flags need heavier breeze to fly. You may  pay a little more for a polyester compared to nylon or cotton flags but if durability is desired, it is worth it.


Cotton Flag Pros:

Cotton flags are great for indoor presentations or ceremonials. It is a very traditional material with very rich and vibrant colors. If you need a classic looking flag for indoors, cotton is your best choice.

Cotton Flag Cons:

Cotton flags are not very weather resistant, so they are not meant for extended outdoor use. Cotton also wrinkles easily and they will not repel the rain water. They require more maintenance than nylon or polyester. Cotton is usually more expensive than polyester and nylon flags.

There are certain polyester materials like Polysatin fabric that can replace the cotton material for indoors. Polyester satin fabric is more shiny than nylon and more durable than cotton.





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