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Burgee makers

The definition of a burgee is a swallow-tailed or triangular flag or pennant used on ships for signaling or identification. The origin of burgee is not very clear but perhaps it comes from burgee’s flag, owner’s flag from French dialectal bourgeais, variety of Old French borjois, burgeis, master, bourgeois In the past, burgees were flown by merchant ships to identify the their […]

Custom dealership banners

Custom dealership banners or flags are one of the best ways to advertise for your car dealership and gain new customers. There are many variations of banners or flags to visually promote your dealership business. You can promote your business by displaying double sided light pole banners with your latest vehicle promotions. Automotive feather flags can also […]

Wholesale decorative flags

Our outdoor accents or decoratives flags are to be enjoyed season after season, year after year. Our decorative items will catch the onlookers eyes for sure. Our graphic designers create  wonderfully vibrant and varied collection of decorative flags to impress your neighbours and friends.You can also purchase wholesale decorative flags at for reduced prices.

Where can I order a custom boat flag?

We offer affordable custom boat and nautical flags for yachts, speed boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, house boats, marinas, and all boating enthusiasts. You can supply your own flag design or we can help you. Our expert graphic designers will create you the perfect design and finally the perfect custom boat flag. Need a custom boat flag printed now? […]

Flag Etiquette used today on a sailing boat

Flags are naval signals and each one means something specific about your sailing boat. They can signal your boat’s nationality, special maneuvering situations, sailing club affiliation, office held or other situations. For the correct etiquette, following are some of the rules. You have to remember that the rules originated in Britain and have been slightly […]

The meaning of South Korean flag

The name of the South Korean flag is called “Taegukgi” in korean and the  meaning is “great polarity.” The white color signifies peace and purity. The yin yang emblem symbolizes the cosmic forces that are necessary to maintain a harmonious balance. On each corner of the flag there are  trigrams and they represent heaven, water, Earth and […]