The Arizona State Flag

The Arizona State Flag can be traced back to the 1910 at Camp Perry, Ohio at National Rifle Matches before Arizona officially entered the Union. Shooting matches at Camp Perry begun in 1907 and developed into a famous annual event that continues to this day.

The visiting Arizona Rifle Team found out that the other “state” rifle teams carried flags or emblems. The Arizona team had no emblem or flag and they brought this to the attention of Arizona National Guard Colonel Charles Wilfred Harris. The team wanted a flag be created to display as the Arizona Rifle Team flag at future National Rifle Matches.

The idea for the design of the flag was conceived of by Colonel Harris and by Carl Hayden, Arizona’s first representative in Congress who went on to become a United States Senator. Their first priorities for the design were that it contain historical values and that its colors should reflect those values.

In 1912, Colonel Harris designed a state flag similar to  the Arizona Rifle Team flag.The first flag, designed by Colonel Charles W. Harris, was carried by the Arizona Rifle Team to the National Rifle Matches in 1911. It was sewn by Carl Hayden’s wife, Nan D. Hayden.

The 4’x6’ size flag had a copper star that divided the flag into a top and bottom half.

The top half of the flag signifies the 13 colonies of the United States and the western setting sun. The copper star  identifies Arizona as the largest copper producing state in the union.

The lower half of the flag is a field of  blue as in the United States’ Flag. The red found in the rays is also the same shade of red found in the United States’ Flag. The lower side Blue of the flag and the yellow of the western setting sun are the Arizona State Colors.

The Arizona State Flag was adopted in 1917 by the Arizona State Legislature.

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