The history of Aston Villa football club.

The Aston Villa crest is very distinguished by the lion drawing in the center, which is The Rampant Lion of Scotland. The lion has no obvious relation to the club’s past, instead it represents the club’s values in form of bravery and strength. The small white star, on the left of the lion, is to honor the club’s European Cup title. The “AVFC”, initials for Aston Villa Football Club. The lower part of the logo has also the word “Prepared” which has been a traditional motto. The motto has been removed in a new version with the initials and lion image slightly increased enlarged. In the last few years, several different badges have been in use, for example one of them was in round shape.

The club is established in 1874.
In 1887 they won their first FA Cup title.
In 1888 Claret and blue was established as official colors.
In 1893 the club played their first match on Villa Park.
In 1894  they won their first national league championship.
Their first League Cup title was in 1961.
They won their first European cup trophy in 1982.
In 1982, they won the European Super Cup.

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