For Sale Sign

If you are planning to sell or lease a property, placing an advert sign on the property is a useful way to highlight its availability. Whether an estate or lettings agent, or someone deciding to sell their property privately, you can legally display certain types of signs on the property while it is to let or for sale, providing that you follow the guidelines below.


  1. Advertisements may be used with the consent of the property owner on which they are displayed.
  2. Advertisements for residential properties must not exceed half a square meter.
  3. The maximum projection from the face of the property is one metre.
  4. You are not permitted to illuminate your fore sale property sign in any way.
  5. Signs must be kept clean and in a safe condition at all times.
  6. Property sale signs must not obscure sidewalks or pose hazards to pedestrians or vehicles.
  7. You cannot display a second sign that a piece or land or a property has been sold or let, but you can add this information to an existing sign.
  8. The for sale sign must be removed within 14 days of the tenancy agreement being signed or completion of the sale.


Where to buy a legal property for sale sign

We produce for sale signs that are perfect for property sale signs. They can be printed to your specifications provided that they follow the above mentioned rules. We use lightweight knitted polyester outdoor fabric  to give you a clear, professional and long-lasting sign for your property.


For indoor and outdoor use, we offer high-quality, full colour print capabilities so your property sale sign will be attractive and easy to read. They are also extremely durable, so your sign will be able to withstand the weather elements until your property is sold or let. If you would like further information about our fore sale signs or our broad range of products, contact us today from 416-907-7213.

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