Blank flags are plain flags that can be used for any purpose. They are suitable as a canvas for printing other images or as decorations.

Blank & Solid Color Flags

blank-flags-royal  blank-flags-red   blank-flags-neon-green  blank-flags-gold  blank-flags-black

Solid Color Stick Flags

blank-flags-stick-flag-yellow  blank-flags-stick-flag-royal   blank-flags-stick-flag-red blank-flags-stick-flag-neon-green  blank-flags-stick-flag-black

Solid Color Polyester 1 Sided & Knitted Polyester 2 Sided Car Flags

blank-flags-car-flag-yellow  blank-flags-car-flag-red    blank-flags-car-flag-navy blank-flags-car-flag-green blank-flags-car-flag-black

Common Dimensions for Flags:

12″ x 18″
20″ x 30″
24″ x 36″
28″ x 42″
32″ x 48″
40″ x 60″
60″ x 90″

Please ask for our quote for other custom size and color blank flags.
*We can print any color combination. For more color options, click here.