Belgium Flag

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The national Belgium Flag features three equal vertical stripes of black, yellow, and red. The black stripe represents the strength and determination of the Belgian people, while the yellow stripe symbolizes the country’s wealth and prosperity. The red stripe represents the blood that was shed during the country’s struggle for independence. Together, these three colors have come to symbolize the values of the Belgian people: determination, prosperity, and freedom. The design of the flag is simple, yet striking, and has become an enduring symbol of Belgium’s rich cultural heritage and its commitment to democratic ideals. Whether it’s flying at a government building, a sporting event, or in people’s homes, the Belgian flag is a proud symbol of the country’s identity and history.


  • Durable knitted or woven polyester fabric with direct to textile printing
  • Single (1 ply) or double-sided (3ply) printing available
  • 5 finishing options with grommets and sleeves
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • No minimum order quantity! One off orders are welcomed!


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