Italy Flag

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The Italy Flag, also known as the tricolore, features three vertical stripes of equal size, with the colors green, white, and red from left to right. The green stripe represents hope, the white stripe represents faith, and the red stripe represents charity. The colors of the Italy flag are also said to represent the country’s landscape, with green symbolizing the plains and hills, white representing the snow-capped Alps, and red representing the volcanic soil of Italy’s southern regions. The Italy flag is a symbol of the country’s history, culture, and people, and is recognized around the world as a representation of Italian identity and pride. The flag has been in use since the mid-19th century and has become an important national symbol for Italy. Today, the Italy flag is proudly flown throughout the country and is often seen at events celebrating Italian culture and heritage around the world.


  • Durable knitted or woven polyester fabric with direct to textile printing
  • Single (1 ply) or double-sided (3ply) printing available
  • 5 finishing options with grommets and sleeves
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • No minimum order quantity! One off orders are welcomed!


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