Nepal Flag

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The Nepal Flag features two interlocking triangles in crimson and white, with a blue border. The crimson red colour represents the brave spirit of the Nepalese people, while the blue border signifies peace and harmony. The two triangles are said to represent the Himalayas, and the combination of the two triangles is seen as a symbol of the country’s two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, coexisting in harmony. The flag was adopted in 1962, replacing the old flag which featured a stylized sun and crescent moon on a red field. The current design was selected from over 1000 entries in a national competition, and has since become a source of national pride for the people of Nepal.


  • Durable knitted or woven polyester fabric with direct to textile printing
  • Single (1 ply) or double-sided (3ply) printing available
  • 5 finishing options with grommets and sleeves
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • No minimum order quantity! One off orders are welcomed!


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