Sudan Flag

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The Sudan Flag consists of three equal horizontal bands – red, white, and black – from top to bottom, with a green triangle on the hoist side. The black band represents Sudan’s past, the red band symbolizes the country’s struggle for independence and the blood shed by the martyrs in that process, and the green band signifies the country’s agricultural wealth and prosperity. The white triangle contains a golden star, which represents hope and the aspirations of the people of Sudan. The Sudan flag was adopted on May 20, 1970, and has been modified twice since then. It serves as an important national symbol, reflecting the country’s heritage, culture, and identity.


  • Durable knitted or woven polyester fabric with direct to textile printing
  • Single (1 ply) or double-sided (3ply) printing available
  • 5 finishing options with grommets and sleeves
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • No minimum order quantity! One off orders are welcomed!


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