Flag Etiquette used today on a sailing boat

Flags are naval signals and each one means something specific about your sailing boat. They can signal your boat’s nationality, special maneuvering situations, sailing club affiliation, office held or other situations. For the correct etiquette, following are some of the rules. You have to remember that the rules originated in Britain and have been slightly […]

The meaning of South Korean flag

The name of the South Korean flag is called “Taegukgi” in korean and the  meaning is “great polarity.” The white color signifies peace and purity. The yin yang emblem symbolizes the cosmic forces that are necessary to maintain a harmonious balance. On each corner of the flag there are  trigrams and they represent heaven, water, Earth and […]

The meaning of one of a kind Nepal flag

The flag of Nepal, with it’s odd shape is a one of a kind flag. It is the only non rectangular national flag in the world. The flag is made of two overlapping triangles in deep red color that represent the Himalayan mountains and the two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. The blue outline represents the country’s peaceful nature. In […]