Blank Flags & Solid Color Flags

Blank flags are plain flags that can be used for any purpose. They are suitable as a canvas for printing other images or as decorations.

Blank & Solid Color Flags

blank-flags-royal  blank-flags-red   blank-flags-neon-green  blank-flags-gold  blank-flags-black


Solid Color Stick Flags

blank-flags-stick-flag-yellow  blank-flags-stick-flag-royal   blank-flags-stick-flag-red blank-flags-stick-flag-neon-green  blank-flags-stick-flag-black


Solid Color Polyester 1 Sided & Knitted Polyester 2 Sided Car Flags

blank-flags-car-flag-yellow  blank-flags-car-flag-red    blank-flags-car-flag-navy blank-flags-car-flag-green blank-flags-car-flag-black



Common Dimensions for Flags:

12″ x 18″
20″ x 30″
24″ x 36″
28″ x 42″
32″ x 48″
40″ x 60″
60″ x 90″

Please ask for our quote for other custom size and color blank flags.
*We can print any color combination. For more color options, click here.

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Flags and Banners

Flags and banners have always played an important part in the history of mankind. Although the origin of the flag is a debatable issue, most people believe the first flags were used in China or in Rome. The initial purpose of the flag was identification of individual leaders like the knights, the Samurai.

During the time of Christopher Columbus, it became customary for ships to carry flags stating their nationality, which has later become a legal requirement. These flags ended up as the national flags and maritime flags of today.

As we all know, flags and banners are used on national and state occasions. In addition, they are also used by colleges, sports organizations, special events and businesses. Some flag types can be listed as custom outdoor flags, custom birthday flags, custom garden flags, and custom dealership flags, all used for different purposes. Banners are used by small and large businesses alike to announce and celebrate events with special meaning and goals.

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Party Banners

Whatever the occasion, there’s nothing more complementary for a party than a custom party banner. At custom flag shop, we will print your text and your design on your choice of fabric and deliver promptly. A party banner material needs to be chosen according to the location of the party. For outdoor parties, please use the form for outdoor banners and for indoor parties please use the form for indoor banners.

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Garden Flags

Decorative and garden flags for your house or for your yard are a beautiful way to add value. Garden flags are usually custom designed to suit the overall garden theme and the time of the year. Our custom garden flags are manufactured according to your design and size specifications. To order your custom garden flag please use the online form here.

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A Certified Guide On How To Make Custom Flags Effectively

As a hobbyist, you will be gladdened to take note of the available offers of custom flags that you can make right at home. The fascination behind this form of artistry is manifold and you can make believable creations that express your love for a sports team or a favorite institution for instance. It is also possible to sell some of your creations provided you find a willing buyer. The guidelines given here should be sufficient to get you started even if you have little clue about what amounts to a good creation.

As design experts will tell you, the makings of a beautiful piece of art starts with detailed planning. You need to have an idea of the flag you want to make worked out to the tiniest details. Ensure that you put up a sketch of what you want the final product to look like. This sketch well help you conceptualize the necessary steps as well as getting the proportions right. Work at the plans until you are satisfied that they match up to the expectations you have.

To ensure that your approach and design crystallizes to a recognizable style, stick to a particular approach. As a matter of course, the worth of a flag is determined by where it will be placed. Indoor flags for instance need to have bright enough shades in order to stand out. If you intend the flag to be hung on a wall or to drape an object, ensure that the dimensions are adequate. For pennants, be careful to embellish them with proper edgings so they can take the pride of place on your home office desk.

On the other hand, outdoor flags call for a totally different approach from that taken for the indoor ones. For starters, the material needs to be sufficiently tough. This precaution ensures that they are useful even when the weather is particularly rough. If the flag is to be put to fly on the porch for instance, the material must be tough but also light enough to make sure it flaps effortlessly even in light breeze.

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