Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files do you accept as artwork?

When you order your custom flag, right below the file upload button, you will see the compatible file extensions to upload: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, ai, psd, cdr, eps, pdf

Can I send my artwork file through email?

Yes, you can. Send it to

Can I ask for a change in the artwork?

Yes, we can modify your artwork file in any way you like. For simple modifications like changing colors or adding text or simple shapes, we do not charge extra. For more complicated artwork change requests, we will send you a separate payment link to pay for the complex artwork modifications.

What is recommended file resolution for artwork uploads?

Your file should be min. 100 dpi in resolution and the file size should be close to the actual flag size.

I want to order a custom flag but I do not have any artwork file. How can I order?

Complete your custom flag order online and send us a brief message about what we will print on your flag. We will send you a separate payment link for the artwork drawing fee. After receiving your drawing fee payment, our graphic designers will draw your custom flag file and send you a proof for your confirmation.

Can I order my flag in any size I like other than the size options offered?

Yes we can print your custom flag in any size you like.

Can I see how my custom flag will come out before you print my flag?

Yes, we always send you a digital proof and ask for your confirmation. We never print your custom flag unless we get your confirmation message for the final proof.

Shipping Details

How can i track my order?

We can send you a tracking number after your flag is dispatched.

What is the turnaround time?
STANDARD SERVICE (USA only up to 0.5kg) can take up to 15-20 days for designing and printing and another 10 days for shipping and delivery. EXPRESS SERVICE will take up to 5 business days to design and prınt your flags and another 5 days for shipping globally. (Total 10 days max.) If you have a deadline for a specific date, please inform us and get our confirmation first.

Can I return the product?

All stock flags can be returned if there is any problem with the product. Custom order flags cannot be returned. If there is any manufacturing defect with the product, we will replace it free of charge.

Product Specifications

Can I use 3 ply double sided custom flag outdoors on my flag pole?

We do not recommend 3 ply flags outdoors on flag poles. These are 3 layer fabric, extra heavy flags and they deteriorate faster under strong winds due to extra weight. You can display 3 ply flags outdoors for a short term like parades or weekend fairs. For outdoors, 1 ply flags are recommended.